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  Training and Development

Members of our Small Farmers Group receiving Certificates for Manual Farm Accounts

South West Cavan C.D.P is committed to the training and development of marginalised and disadvantaged members of our community. To date we have run a number of training courses including Manual Farm Accounts, Introduction to Computers for Small Farmers, Active Citizenship/ Voter Education, Self Esteem and Confidence for Your Child, Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers, Computers for the Elderly, Self Defence for Women, Patient Moving and Handling and Therapeutic Handcare for Young Family Carers, and Communications and I.T. and An Introduction the the Community Development Programme. We sourced funding and tutors for these courses from numerous sources including Cavan V.E.C., Cavan Partnership, Department of Social and Family Affairs, the H.S.E., and the Deaprtment of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

                                                   Introduction to Computers for the Elderly


Awareness Raising

One of the aims of South West Cavan C.D.P. is to raise awareness around issues such as Domestic Violence, Suicide, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Issues, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Active Citizenship/ Voter Education, Childcare, Rural Transport, Volunteering, Anti Social Behaviour and New Communities to name a few. We have hosted information sessions on Suicide, Domestic Violence, Crime Prevention, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, and plan to hold another Suicide Awareness session in November 2008. We assisted Ballymachugh Childcare Committee in securing €850,000 to build a purpose bulit childcare faciliity under the National Childcare Investment Project 2006-2010. We also work closely with the South West Cavan Rural Transport Initiative to increase the coverage of rural transport in the South West Cavan area. The South West Cavan C.D.P. had a stand at the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore in 2007 promoting the work of the project and we plan to have a stand at the Virginia Show on the 22nd August 2008.

                                                 Participants at Active Citizenship/ Voter Education Training


                                          South West Cavan C.D.P. stand at the National Ploughing Championships 2007


Odd Jobs for the Elderly Scheme


Workers on the Rural Social Scheme carrying out Odd Jobs

South West Cavan C.D.P. in conjunction with Cavan Monaghan Rural Development Co op Society (LEADER) and the Rural Social Scheme run an Odd Jobs scheme for pensioners and people with special needs who are living alone. The scheme covers small maintenance jobs around the house such as painting and gardening. Labour is provided free of charge but the cost of materials is not covered. This is a very successful scheme which is much in demand.

Befriending Scheme


The South West Cavan Befriending Scheme was set up by the C.D.P. in October 2004, with the help of social services, medical and clerical channels in the area. The scheme essentially focuses on the establishment and support of a pool of volunteers to work with the elderly and those with special needs in the South West Cavan area. It is hoped this scheme will go some way towards alleviating the lonliness and isolation of people in the South West Cavan area.

Pictured above is May Lynch, 94, with her Befriender Ena Faussett, receiving a

Christmas Hamper from the South West Cavan Befriending Scheme